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  Friends of Sherwood

  Explore ways to support and enjoy Sherwood!

Next work party: call for info

There's always lots to do. Call your friends and plan a weekend get away to Sherwood!!



The Greiner family keeps Sherwood Forest available to all of us as a place to experience family camping, communal play, and good company:

"Sherwood will remain as a whole piece of property as an ongoing community and gathering place for people with a focus on education and environmental awareness. It will continue as a wilderness family camping experience and become a facility for classes, retreats and workshops."

Communicate with Other Friends of Sherwood

Join the FriendsOfSherwood group at yahoo.com: you can use it to send e-mail to everyone, share pictures, stories, poems, and communicate about events.

Help Keep Sherwood Alive!



Keeping Sherwood alive means that everyone who visits needs to contribute - participating in work parties, paying $10 per night per adult to camp, donating money to help pay for taxes and maintenance, or helping organize local fundraisers.

Did you know that in 2009, for the first time, camping fees and donations paid the taxes! Thank you!!! Just a few more thousand dollars and we'll be able to cover the expenses of sani-cans for events, and other maintenance costs.

We all enjoy the results, so we all need to chip in!

Steering Committee News

The steering committee for Friends of Sherwood was formed in 2006 and is going strong.

Thank you to a group that is working hard to ensure the long-term stability of Sherwood Forest.



     Contact us: info@friendsofsherwood.org