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  Recent Improvements

Erosion control has been a major focus, and we've finally spread our rock stockpile to help maintain the beach. We've had a few rough winters with many trees down, so we've had to spend more time on basic maintenance: milling downed trees, and replanting.

We had a beautiful summer of 2009, with some great team projects. We decided that the fire place at tipi point was really too close to the trees so a great group of people built a wonderful new fire place out from under the trees. The fire was raised in hopes that the heat would cast further to warm more bodies. It works great! Now many more people can get around the fire and stay warm. Nice new benches were built from some of the lumber that we milled from the trees that came down in the 07 storm so now there is enough seating around the new fire place. Lots of ivy, gorse, holly and brush was cut, spartina was dug, and baby trees were planted.





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